At SPS Technologies, quality, experience, innovation, and customer support are the key ingredients to success - yours, and ours. As a leading developer, manufacturer and global supplier of the most comprehensive line of aerospace fasteners and precision components, we’re here to help you succeed by providing innovative, high quality products, unrivaled customer support and a thorough understanding of your needs.Jenkintown Facility

For nearly a century SPS Technologies has built its world class reputation for excellence on one basic block: a dedication to producing fasteners and precision components to meet your most exacting requirements.

From design assistance and material selection to statistically monitored manufacturing processes, the Aerospace Fasteners staff is committed to satisfying our customers' needs.

Since the first generation of propeller-driven aircraft SPS Technologies has been a major supplier of fasteners to the aerospace industry.

Today, it's hard to find an aircraft that doesn't use SPS fasteners. They can be found in engines, wings, fuselages, and landing gear. At SPS we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy all your high performance fastener requirements Turn to SPS for all-metal locknuts and bolts, non-metallic insert locknuts and precision components in a variety of materials and platings; in diameters up to 3" and lengths up to 48".

At SPS Technologies we believe that Aerospace is a quality level, not a market. Unlike many other aerospace manufacturers in North America, our aerospace fasteners are used by a substantial customer base not involved in the aerospace market. Markets such as medical technologies, high performance engines used in automobile racing, marine applications and gas turbine engines used in power generation demand Aerospace quality fasteners in their applications.

Anticipating your needs is what we do best at SPS Technologies. We recognize the importance of having the infrastructure to deliver solutions. Our facilities accommodate forging extruding, tapping, milling, grinding, computer-controlled heat treating, automated plating as well as many secondary operations. Plus, SPS has an advanced quality management system in place that tests every stage of production. Every SPS product meets industry and customer specifications as well as the SPS internal manufacturing standards. SPS Aerospace Fasteners have only one quality level - the quality level you demand.

Quite simply, we provide a combination of engineering knowledge, design ingenuity, manufacturing and testing ability and systems capability that knows no equal.

It is our pledge to continuously raise our standards. Through continuous improvement programs, we constantly challenge our manufacturing capabilities to improve our product quality and our lead times so we can continue to offer you the best overall value in the industry.