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Designing and manufacturing high performance, high-strength fasteners for critical applications and severe environments is our focus. We ensure product performance and consistency by carefully monitoring and controlling specific manufacturing practices and thoroughly testing our products. SPS Technologies has been an industry leader in this area for over 100 years, creating new materials, designs, and manufacturing practices to satisfy the ever changing needs of our customers.

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SPS Technologies utilizes an advanced quality management system that includes testing at every stage of production to ensure that each product meets industry and customer specifications along with our own rigorous manufacturing standards.

Certifications: AS 9100/ISO 9001


Selection of the optimal fastener for an application involves both in-service and installation considerations. For over a century, SPS Technologies has worked closely with our customers in this pursuit, developing the experience, manufacturing capability, and capacity that today encompass nearly every bolt, pin, and screw style, material, thread size, and length used in the aerospace industry


When application requirements call for performance that is not available from traditional designs and materials, SPS Technologies turns to its expertise in fastener design and metallurgy to achieve a solution. Please contact us for assistance with your special purpose needs.

NADCAP Accredited for Plating, Heat Treat, NDT, and Material Testing.


Bolts & Screws

Quality-backed, precision-designed SPS bolts are available in a range of configurations, materials, finishes and sizes to meet diverse application requirements.


One of the largest selections of aerospace nut products available. No matter what your joint design requirement, SPS Technologies has a nut design to meet your needs.
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The Hi-Lok® two part fastening system offered by SPS provides a single use, high strength, and permanent airframe fastening solution.
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Gain Clamp Force and Weight Advantages with SPS Preload Indicating Washers
The SPS Preload Indicating Washer offers a simple and accurate means of measuring the clamping forces in a tightened bolt.
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GREER STOP NUT locknuts are made in the USA for use in automotive, defense, shipbuilding, heavy truck and farm equipment industries.


SPS Technologies is committed to a high quality standard for all its fastener products. The FLEXLOC self-locking nuts were designed by SPS to give you maximum reliability for your most critical applications.

ATF Aerospace is a master distributor for our FLEXLOC® brand components. Find out more about them here.
Apollo Aerospace Components
Apollo Aerospace Components is a master distributor for our FLEXLOC® brand components. Find out more about them here.